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Should I get a Barrister for Property Litigation?

Barristers in the field of landlord and tenant law are highly specialised to represent in each court and tribunal. Landlord and tenant lawyers pride themselves offering: housing law, landlord/ tenant law and commercial tenancies. In addition, barristers would provide expert advice on: disrepair, nuisance, homelessness allocation and residential leasehold renewals. Barristers4u have a big pool of expertise to advise landlords, tenants and letting agents.

Should I get a Barrister?

Barristers are well known to the local authorities and housing associations, and would offer services to public access clients. The wide variety of housing issues gives barristers an extra dynamic compared to solicitor. Barristers can offer a reliable service, with a wide range of expertise. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, both parties will have many rights and obligations to their favour.

Barristers are used in a wide variety of circumstances, expanding to complex disputes from squatting to boundary disputes. They are trusted professionals who can make a real difference, and with a few steps with Barristers4u; you could achieve peace of mind towards your residential dispute. Barristers are best placed to advise and argue your case in any tribunal or court. For instance, removing squatters or removing protestors are a massive headache for the landlord. With our service, we could find you a suitable barrister to tackle the problem in a quick and efficient manner. This can be applied when you are evicting your tenant. The “tenancy legal problems” would be dealt by your barrister, and not yourself. Most importantly, the time you save would be worth the money. For our service, we offer a fixed fee; this would assure you a proper transparent understanding for our service. In addition, we provide you a free quote, and we won’t charge you until you use your barrister.


We also have barristers, who specialise agricultural tenancy disputes; they would recognise the complexities faced with Agricultural Law. Barristers can work on different areas of the law and gather all their previous experience to help you come up with a positive conclusion. Another specialist area is in matrimonial and family finance. Our barristers deal with a wide range of assets from modest properties (family home) to high value businesses. Other legal matters including old covenants or ancient rules; for example, channel repair liabilities are more complicated. If your land is subject to channel repair liability, you could pay a hefty fee. There are many more complicated property issues, and if you require more assistance; click on the link below.

Customer Reviews

  • "Within two meetings Arlene had a better grasp on my case and set down clear and distinct guidelines that could not be misinterpreted."

    Neil J Guerin

  • "I wanted to say what a pleasure it has been dealing with both you and Counsel"

    Rebecca Hodgkin

  • "Very quickly thereafter I spoke with a revered Counsel who dispatched matters on my behalf and I would recommend this Service to others."

    Hazel Speed

  • "Barristers for you dealt with my query in the most efficient, professional and discrete manner possible."

    S. Adebola

  • "I just wanted to express my gratitude for all your work on my case. I understand it was a tricky one to unpick at such short notice. It was a massive comfort to have someone so knowledgeable and capable dealing with it. So - thank you! "

    Dan Ward

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All barristers working with Barristers4U are regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

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How A Barrister Can Help You

Barristers are often cheaper than solicitors because they don't have the same level of overheads. You pay a Barrister for their time and expertise, not the expensive running costs of modern offices and administration.

Barristers4U will always offer fixed fees, making things easy for you. You can rest easy thanks to the certainty we provide on fees, rather than worrying about being charged for every phone call you make.

You will only deal with Barristers that are experts in your chosen area of law. You will be advised of the strengths and weaknesses of your case and will be skilfully represented in front of a judge.

All your paper work, legal documents and letters will be written for you. If needed, our Barristers will do all the negotiating so you don't have to say or write anything.

We guarantee speed of service by offering you Barristers that can guarantee to devote their time to your case. We can even conduct all meetings virtually, saving you even more time and money!

We offer a no obligation search through our list of national, qualified and highly experienced barristers. When you’re ready, choose the Barrister, accept the fee and put yourself back in control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you provide legal advice or representation?
    Yes. We have access to 1,000 Barristers at 210 different chambers in England & Wales. We can compare them for you. If you have a particular budget we will try to get you legal representation to fit that budget.
  • What can a Barrister do for me?
    Barristers can:
    • Provide expert legal opinion and advise
    • Draft legal documents
    • Attend Court as your advocate
    • Represent you at a Mediation or Arbitration
    Barristers are experts in the law and provide a high level of skill when advocacy is required to present your case in a Court or Tribunal. Most Barristers do not conduct litigation but, if needed, Barristers4U can provide those who are now approved to do so by the Bar Standards Board. We can advise who is best placed to help you once we have reviewed your enquiry.
  • How cheap is cheap?
    We are very flexible and can work to a fixed fee or, alternatively, to your budget. All fees are agreed before the work is completed so you always know where you stand. Our Barristers’ overheads are low. This and our technology means you can access leading legal minds across England and Wales at a time and price that suits you.
  • How quickly can legal proceedings begin?
    Before working with a barrister tell us the date you wish to start legal proceedings or let us know when you need representing and we will make sure we get an experienced barrister by your side ready for the legal proceedings.